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Wear a Fez at The Dev in Cambridge 2011
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Befezzed Club Members line up outside The Dev

Guy and the guys get befezzed at The Dev

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Oddly, my fez day started at Bishop's Stortford train station where I was greeted by three fez-sporting gents on their way to a football match: all as surprised to see me as I was them.

Peter and Sand (right)
Peter and Sand (right)

Sandy was waiting for me when I arrived and we were soon joined by the stalwarts of the Essex Beardsmen...

Frazer with Zoe behind her camera
Frazer with Zoe behind her camera

...Frazer with daughter Zoe, Charlie and Henry, who was sporting his mighty steampunk fez (made by his fair han... made by him).

Charlie with Henry (right) sporting his mighty Steampunk fez
Charlie with Henry (right) sporting his mighty Steampunk fez

Stace soon joined us, suitably befezzed...

Stace with Guy
Stace with Guy - befezzed on head...

...on both his head and on his arm!, as did several other locals, some of whom were rather taken aback at seeing so many magnificent beards and fezzes.

Stace's fez Tattoo
...and on arm - Stace's fez tattoo

Wear a Fez at the Dev looks set to be rather successful and an excellent evening was enjoyed by all.

The Befezzed
Back row: Mike, Sand, Henry  Middle row: Tom, Steve, Peter, Frazer
Front row: Guy, Zoe, Charlie, Zoe, Stace

Perhaps the fez will become a regular at the Dev...  The End

Fez at the Dev

All the bearded best

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