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The Hope, Carshalton, Surrey
Members meet at The Hope - will it be Spring's Eternal Meeting?
Our Spring meeting of The British Beard Club.
Peter, customer investor
Peter, customer investor
Tom's impressive Handlebar Moustache
Impressive Handlebar

OUR JOURNEY up from Brighton to Carshalton was surprisingly clear for a Sunday morning, and we arrived a few minutes after twelve, and found there was still space in the customer car park beside The Hope. We'd brought Tom (“You Don't Grow a Moustache, a Moustache Grows You”) with us from Brighton, and whom has been a regular attendee at our meetings, even if not quite bearded. However his impressive Handlebar Moustache more than makes up for that deficiency.

Several members of the Club were there already, including Rodger and Peter, two of the customer consortium that has formed a company to successfully become the tenant of The Hope on a 20 year free of all tie lease from Punch Taverns. Susanna, the personable current Licensee remains in charge.

Good Egg Graham and John at the bar
Good Egg Graham and John at the bar

We were introduced to another Hope regular Graham, about whom it has been said he is,“a Wit, Raconteur, Banking Analyst ('I told you so...') and all round good egg.”  Graham could also be a potential new member of The British Beard Club, having some facial fur but so far hasn't been persuaded. What about it Graham?

Also already arrived by Sunday train service from Slough, Berks was John, another 'beard and beer' aficionado, and from Addiscombe, Surrey making his first appearance at a TBBC meeting, another John who is more accustomed to being called "Tipper", and so he was, and soon joined the tasters of the guest brews of the day - Dark Star Hophead 3.8% and Fruit Bat 5.5%.

Charlie and Tipper taste the guest brews
Charlie and Tipper taste the guest brews

Not long after our own arrival, we greeted the familiar faces of The Essex Beardsmen Frazer Coppin, Charlie and Mo Saville, and Nigel with his partner Liz. Andrew from Battersea, a faithful member who has hardly missed a meeting brought the numbers up to 18 members and friends.

Good friend and local beer and beard supporter, Spider had arrived in typically striking smart attire, and kept us all laughing, and a new member Clive was recruited, who can be seen far right in the group picture below outside The Hope. I also hoped to interest another Hope local, Jazz enthusiast David, who can also be seen third from the right in the pub group photo. I'm still waiting for his application...

The incredible-value buffet was announced, and we trooped into a back parlour to find a table groaning with excellent and tasty finger foods and other delicious items: fresh white bread rolls and local sausages, quiche slices, mini pizzas, quails eggs (I think?), a cheese selection and biscuits, chicken legs and lots more things than I can remember! A big "Thank you!" is due to the local organisers and The Hope owner-members.

The Assembled CompanyHirsute Pond Life
The Assembled Company outside the Pub and at Carshalton Ponds

After we had finished our repast, it was decided to do the 'Group Photos', so we assembled outside the pub for the first location shot, which was accomplished admirably by the ladies. Then we all strolled down to the famous Carshalton Ponds for another shot at the pondside. Soon it was time to leave and we made our ways, leaving the Hopheads to their pints. I 'hope' we will return soon! Boom-Boom!The End

Here are some more photos taken by Charlie and Mo Saville and David Dade.
Frazer and TipperJohn from Slough, BerksSpider kept us all laughingLiz and FrazerAndrewNigel and Liz
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