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The Essex Beardsmen's Third Annual Gathering
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Essex beardsmen and women enjoying a drink and a chat at The Queens Head

Twenty-one hardy souls venture out on a very cold February Saturday

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As on previous occasions, we met at the Queens Head, Chelmsford for a lunchtime meet. The date being chosen as close as we could get to the anniversary of the very first ever TBBC meeting at the Cockpit, London in 2009; attended then as now, by the founding three Essex Beardsmen!

Frazer and David were at the pub for its midday opening, having walked from the station, Mo and I driving in from a chilly morning in a frozen brewery.

Vera with new face to the group, Rod
Vera with new face to the group, Rod

When we pulled into the car park we met a new face to our group, Rod, along with his wife Vera, after repeated invitations to join the club by Frazer!

Another new face, Brian Baldry (left) with Charlie
Another new face, Brian Baldry (left) with Charlie

The other new face, joining the day after the meeting (keen; we like that!) was Brian Baldry. It turned out that I’ve known his brother for many years; it’s a small world.

Within a short while we were joined by some familiar faces, and after some fine beers, and conversation, the buffet lunch arrived.

With a choice of homemade vegetable soup or beef chilli, and crusty, beard-crumbing bread, conversation lulled for a time, whilst all enjoyed marvellous hot food.

Even such devout carnivores as Frazer and I enjoyed several bowls of the soup, forsaking the delights of the chilli, such was the soup's splendour!

Nigel and Geoff
Nigel and Geoff

With full stomachs, and a contented air we then moved outside for the photographer from the Essex Chronicle, working in conjunction with Essex Beardsman Darryl.

David and Essex Beardsman Darryl (right)
David and Essex Beardsman Darryl (right)

We managed several group shots, without disrupting traffic too much! Hopefully we will have copies of these soon.

Del, Frazer and Guy pose for the EC and for Liz
Del, Frazer and Guy pose for the EC and for Liz

While we wait for the EC's photos, the lovely Liz snapped away at some of the same poses...

The group shot
Back row: Darryl, Russell, Henry, Rod
Middle row: Del, Peter, George, Frazer, Charlie, S. & Brian Baldry, Nigel
Front row: Geoff, David, Guy - Phil arrived just after the photo!

Returning to the warmth of the bar, conversations covered such eclectic topics as Penny Farthings, the Steampunk fiction of George Mann, the Lucifer Box books of Mark Gatis, Motor home touring, and the traumas of the frozen moustache when working outside.

Of no small importance was the setting of the date for Nigel Sadler, Darryl Webber and I to brew commemorative ale for Mr. Webber’s forthcoming nuptials.

Other meetings discussed were, of course, the first British Beard and Moustache Championships, and following on from the joys of “Fez at the Dev”, we will be hosting “A Pith in the Park” at the Chelmsford summer beer festival.

Full details will be published on the Diary / Calendar when a date is confirmed, but it will definitely include a free beer token for every Pith Helmet owner!

Huge thanks go to Dave Magee, and the staff of the Queens Head, and the Twenty-one hardy souls who ventured out on a very cold February Saturday. The End

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