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Almost all of the Members who attended
Eighth Meeting at The Queens Head, Chelmsford - February 27th 2010
The Essex Beardsmen host our second regional meeting of The British Beard Club
in Chelmsford, Essex. Charlie reports:
Frazer Coppin, Essex Beardsman
Frazer Coppin, Essex Beardsman

quotesSATURDAY 27th February saw the first major club meeting, hosted by The Essex Beardsmen. Having previously only hosted a smaller regional meet, Frazer and I approached the venue in the hope that we would have a good turn out for the event.

We arrived at the Queens Head to find David and John awaiting us, having arrived at the pub an hour before it opened. This did however, enable us to establish a club presence with a banner and leaflets.

Geoff, a colleague from the Maldon Brewing Company
Geoff, colleague from the Maldon Brewing Company

The four of us were shortly joined by Geoff, a colleague from the Maldon Brewing Company, closely followed by Nigel, a fellow brewer and Essex Beardsman, with his partner Liz.

After various other hirsute gentlemen, and friends, had arrived Nigel decided to open and share out a bottle of ludicrously priced and ludicrously strong ale, saved for the occasion.

The evil brew even blew Nigel's glasses off!
Frazer, Nigel, and Russell try the ludicrous brew

For decency's sake I shall not name the brew, suffice it to say that a small shot-sized measure was far too much, its only redeeming feature being that it cleared the head and chest! Thankfully the ales sold in the Queens were of a far higher standard, as the volume consumed by our members and guests confirmed.

Overall turn out was an impressive 23, although this included some partners and a couple of bearded chaps who will probably only do the occasional club event. One of the best things about the meeting was the number of new faces, some of whom were existing members, and some who joined on the day.

Of the latter, one was Darryl, a local news reporter who had done a fine promotional piece for our event in the Essex Chronicle, and two young chaps from the local Immortal Ink tattoo studio.

Darryl plans his next article
New member Darryl, local journalist
New members Kevin and Marc
New members Kevin and Marc from Immortal Ink

Along with Darryl were two faintly bearded gentlemen who, whilst not joining us, were discussing what style of moustache to grow for the 2011 WBMC in Norway.

Special thanks must go to Dave and Marie from the Queens head, Rob the barman, and Wendy, a customer, for their enthusiastic support, and in the case of the ladies, moustache wearing.

Rob and DaveMarie and customer Wendy
Rob the barman, Dave and Marie from the Queens head, and Wendy, a customer
Here are some more photos taken by Frazer Coppin, Charlie Saville and David Dade.
Dave, Nigel, Liz, Russell and DarrylAndy, David, John, Terry, Geoff & LizKim and CharlieCharlie, David and GeoffHenry and EmilyHenry, Essex Beardsman
Nigel, Essex BeardsmanRussell, Essex BeardsmanCharlie, Essex BeardsmanPeter and GuyPaul and SueTerry
Where's Charlie? Under the red arrow! Darryl, Paul and Kevin are hidden too...Andy, Charlie and Nigel
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Best Bearded Regards
Charlie, Frazer, Henry, Russell and Nigel
The Essex Beardsmen
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