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Gift Subscription Application Form
 Shaded fields with a red heart are required please
Please put your OWN Gift Giver contact name and postal address in this section.
In the rest of the form put ONLY your Recipient's details.
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Your relationship to the new member
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OR How did you hear about the club?
Date for Presentation (DD/MM/YY)
Please allow A WEEK for processing!

New Member's First name
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Would the new member like to be featured in the
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Member's photo caption preference:
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Both names First name

Tell us about the new member's Clubs, Sports, Games,
Activities, Hobbies, Interests, Beard history,
Tastes in Music - Film - TV - Gaming etc.
for use in your Members Gallery Bio,
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and any notes about the Application
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Notes To Help You
Shaded fields with a red heart are required please.
The information you give here will not be passed on to any other organisation.
By clicking the SEND IN THE FORM button, you are giving us permission to store the information you have entered.
An automatic message to the Giver's e-mail address with a summary of the information entered will be geerated. Please check your Spam folder if you do not receive this!
Please enter your OWN Gift Giver contact name, e-mail address and postal address in the top/first pink section. Enter the date the gift is to be presented and allow at least a week before that date for us to process a Gift subscription.
An automatic message to the Giver's e-mail address with a summary of the information entered will be generated. Please check your Spam folder. We will acknowledge by e-mail that we have received your Gift Application and ask you if you wish to present the gift yourself, OR for us to send the Welcome e-mail to the recipient on the Presentation Date, and post the Membership Pin to the recipient in time to arrive by that date.
Use your real name and a secure e-mail address that you check frequently - e.g. gmail.
Enter the New Member's details in the bottom/second blue section. If you tell us your recipient's Social Media Names, we will be able to Follow and Tag him/her after the presentation in our Club posts.
Subscription to a local member group News and Meets mailing list is optional.
Let us know how you heard about The British Beard Club, such as from a member or the name of the Web site, search engine or other medium.
If the recipient is not bearded, please check the 'No' button, and mention his/her situation in the Notes box.
To send Members Gallery pictures of the recipient, check the 'Yes' box, make a caption name choice and click or note the e-mail address shown for their image(s), not forgetting to filling in the form. Use the Info point pop-up for photo details.
Subscription payment methods :
UK-Only Bank Transfer,
UK-Only Bank Standing Order,
On-line by PayPal Guest Credit/Debit Card payment,
your own PayPal account, or a Paypal Account Yearly Repeating Subscription,
UK-Only Bank cheque.
We will tell you how to do these in your acceptance message.
Type the letters shown in the cross-hatched box into the box on its right.
The 'SEND IN THE FORM' button will appear when you have agreed that the Club may store the information you have entered. Uncheck and recheck the box if no sending button is visible.