David from  Wadebridge, Cornwall
DAVID from
Wadebridge, Cornwall

“Here's a brief introduction about me:

“As soon as I was able to grow a moustache, round about the age of 14, I've had some form of facial hair.

“Aged 18 I grew a full beard but that didn't last long, a few months at the most before I shaved, kept the moustache though.

“Then in my mid to late 20's I grew a goatee, the style of it changed over the years, short almost-stubble, Door Knocker, Van Dyke, Imperial. 9 years ago I started to grow the goatee long, then about 8 years ago I decided to go the route of a full beard.

“Been a member of The British Beard Club for a while, and proud to be a member.

“I'm Cornish born an bred and extremely proud of my Cornish heritage, ex rugby player; played for Wadebridge Camels till a spine injury stopped me from playing.

“Avid metal fan and gig goer, keen amateur photographer; mainly landscape and wildlife, are my main hobbies. Not been to a beard convention yet but I'm going to the Devon and Cornwall Beard Moustache Championships in August and hope to make a few new friends there.”

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