Chris Pilgrim from Redcar, North Yorkshire
from Redcar,
North Yorkshire

“I'm Chris, better known as @PilgrimChris, and started growing my beard at the start of Covid19 lockdown. I've been clean shaven most of my life, but decided to try on a beard.

“I'm a long distance backpacker and have hiked many trails in the UK and some in other countries too.

“I love listening to audiobooks whilst working and my music tastes are rather eclectic although rock, metal and blues are my staple music diet.

“I have a dog called Ruby who I rescued after she was found abandoned and she brings my partner and I much joy.

“I've become a little obsessed over beard oils and balms and love collecting different scents from different brands - I'm currently making a custom display shelf for them.

“The photo shows my beard after 6 weeks growth.”

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