Paul from Overton, Hants
from Overton, Hants

“I have found a beard to be a fine thing for a man to sport. I've had mine for a few years now and have settled on a neat, trimmed look. This helps with my work image; I am Head of Youth Work for a national charity, and keeps the wife happy too.

“I play English folk music, teach and practice both Taekwondo and Tai-Chi, enjoy my beer and the company of good people.

“Outside of work I teach taekwondo, tai-chi and self defence.

“I have developed a very particular response to a beard grab - maybe one day I'll make a video to share.

“I'm also a musician - catch my work on my Web site below."

“Current projects include wanting to start a Hampshire Thatch for TBBClub - maybe do some fundraising? Let me know if you're interested.”

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