Carlton Stovall from Dallas, Texas, USA
from Dallas, Texas, USA

“The beard is around 9 years old at about 16in long, mostly gray with a little brown if looked at in the sun.

“I'm a member of the Dallas Facial Hair Club. I started growing my beard off and on for the last 14 years but not until 10 years ago did I start growing it to compete.

“I won some competitions and placed in some, but not until December of 2015 did I compete in FHL sanctioned contests, with two Best in Show wins since then. C-dizzle is my (FHL) Facial Hair League name.

“I entered DecemBeard in December 2018, and I won 1st in Best Santa Beard category, and then I won Best in Show - there were thirteen 1st place winners including me!

“I am separated from my wife now for 14 years and have two boys and they have their own families with one grandson.

“I enjoy being around people who like beards and I like trains of all kinds, real or toys.”

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