Adam Speigl-James from Walthamstow, London
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from Walthamstow, London

“My name is Adam and I've been bearded in one way or another for the past 31 years - I've only gone bald faced twice in that time, once for a fancy dress as Dennis the Menace and the other for Movember.

“I grew my first beard at 21 - a long goatee which, after many years I later trimmed to short all over stubble or a tidy beard.

“My current, longer beard I've had for the past 11 years now and whilst it has been as long as 10", I've kept it closer to 6" or so for a long time now.

“I'm a Graphic Designer and occasional model.

“A dad of 2, a huge Star Wars fan and a lifelong Chelsea supporter, a teetotal vegetarian but my vice in life is ice cream and chocolate!”

Facebook : Adam Speigl-James
Instagram : @adam_sj