Andi Buckley from Halesowen, West Midlands
from Halesowen,
West Midlands

“Once you've got a Beard there is no looking back! After shaving it off twice in the last 4 years - never again... Not only scaring my kids but having other Bearded friends disown me!

“A Beard Is For Life Not Just For Christmas!!!

“I am also a member of the infamous Bearded Brummies, Birmingham's own premier Beard Club of like-minded hedonists with epic Beards and our very own Plain Chin.

“I like drinking whisky (scotch of course), getting on the sesh with the Bearded Brummies for Beers & Beards, acting like a child and being up to no good!!

“I should know better at my age being a married father of 3 girls, but life is short, memories and the Beards are what you make them!!

“Believe it or not my job is a Finance Professional... bringing Beards to the Boardroom.

Live Fast - Die Looking Good!!

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