Richard Evans-Lacey from Warsop Vale, Notts.
from London

Richard lives in the East End of London and works from there as a psychotherapist and kiltmaker.

He has a YouTube channel with his brother Mat Evans (WBMC 2015 - Fashion Beard - 3rd) called Brothers Not Lovers.

His other interests include libertarianism, eating junk food, watching movies, singing, and weight training.

Richard has competed in Beard and Moustache Competitions at World and National level in a variety of categories :

WBMC 2009 Alaska - English Moustache - joint 4th
WBMC 2011 Trondheim - Musketeer - place unknown
BBMC 2012 Brighton - Freestyle Beard - 1st
WBMC 2013 Stuttgart - Garibaldi Beard - 5th
WBMC 2015 Leogang - Garibaldi Beard - place unknown
BBMC 2016 Liverpool - Amish Whaler - 1st
WBMC 2017 Austin - TBC

Web site :
Psychic Plumbing
Kiltmaker :
Youtube :
Brothers Not Lovers