Lee Cockney Pirate from London
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from London

“Hey, I'm from North-East London, and I'm a Guinness and Rum drinking Cockney Pirate!

“A Tottenham and England football team supporter, I also love Ice Hockey, and enjoyed watching Füchse Duisburg when I was in Germany, and Haringey Racers back at Ally Pally, and also follow Boston Bruins from Massachusetts, USA.

“I love going to Festivals and gigs, and my tastes include Grunge, Punk, and Glam Rock.

“I love collecting Tattoos, as you can see.

“I like playing Darts, shooting Pool and playing Chess.

“Favourite Film, TV and Media stuff : Anything 80s, Sci-Fi, DC and Marvel universes, and avid watcher of Sons Of Anarchy.”

Instagram : @cockney.pirate