Gary Thynne from The Tower Of London
The Tower Of London

“My beard and I hold the position of Yeoman Warder at HM Tower of London and we join a long line of famous and infamous beards that have spent time at the Tower, including other Yeoman Warders.

“My beard first started life while I served in the Royal Artillery and was away on Operations. It was very much an infant in those days and didn’t last long, curse you dress regulations! The beard was then reincarnated as a magnificent moustache with waxable appendages while also away from our beloved shores.

“On my retirement from the Armed Forces my beard returned with great gusto and vigour only to be struck down in its prime by a new employment!

“At the beginning of 2015 my beard once again returned and this time was determined to stay the course! I was honoured to become a Yeoman Warder at HM Tower of London and while my beard was not a requirement for the position I believe in my heart that it swayed the balance in my favour!

“My wife thoroughly approves of my beard which is fantastic because if I had to choose between them I’d be doing my own washing!

“My beard and I enjoy real ale and are members of CAMRA and we love nothing more than wetting ourselves with ales both new and old.”

This is my beard there are many like it but this one is mine. My beard is my friend. Without my beard I am nothing, without me my beard is nothing, I will care for my beard and it will care for me… but my wife will do my washing.”