Clive McBride from Harlesden, London
Harlesden, London

“I was educated by nuns for 5 years in Ireland, many years ago, and I always recall one of the nuns saying to me that when I got older I would be an artist with a big red beard, which I denied would happen as I was only around 10 years old and beards belonged to old men, and I probably had a ginger phobia too.

“She was nearly right, not an artist and no red beard (it was blonde/brownish when I was younger).

“In Ireland most leave school at 18, and I remember older pupils sporting or sprouting facial hair and I always thought it looked cool, before they were told to shave. So when I left I decided to leave mine to grow and every so often I shaved it off when it got out of hand until the day I discovered beard trimmers. Looking back I've had a beard for just over 37 years. I've had long hair for around 47 years.

“In all the years I've had a beard, I've never used beard products until the last year which coincided with me deciding to grow my beard out. Not been to a barber since I was 12, probably because I'd punch them if they touched my hair (memories of short back 'n sides)!”

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