Tyas Stark from Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire
Grimsby, NE Lincs.

“I've had a Beard since I was 17. Started with side burns and then grew into a full face beard and my partner (20 years together) wouldn't let me shave so it got to where it is today.

“I have tried different things with the sides but have always kept the long goatee. I'm 36 now so it's been with me half my life.

“It's been longer than it is today but I tend to trim it back to around 12" (1 foot) because of my job of an appliance engineer. It tends to get in the way so I normally tuck it in my shirt or wrap it around my neck.

“I'm a business owner and appliance engineer at Starks Appliances in my home town of Grimsby, UK.

“My hobbies include collecting Vinyl Records, Gibson Les Paul Guitars, Whiskey and Cigars.

“I'm an 'old skool punk' at heart. Love getting tattoos, going to gigs and festivals and holidays to America. My favourite is Las Vegas. Been 6+ times, and also driving Route 66.”

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