Barry Scrase from Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex
Shoreham By Sea,
West Sussex

“I can remember shaving just once with a ‘safety’ razor when I was about 15; cut and scratched my face and realised I was on to a loser. So I've mostly had a short scissor-cut beard since and always a 'tache which has changed in size over the years.

“I stopped trimming the lot about 6 years ago and got surprised by the results and have no intention of ever cutting it again. In my job as a garden contractor I'm expected to look rustic and windswept; it gives me credibility.

“Joining beard clubs has been supportive because the knowledge that I'm one of thousands makes it easy to handle the occasionally negative comments from the unbearded.

“Having said that I'm convinced that strangers are, for the most part, somehow friendlier and smilier towards a generously bearded face, and their smiles always makes me smile back. Win/win situation.

“Furthermore, the bigger the beard the more people notice you and the more they remember you into the future.

“I've many interests like getting to know the countryside, seeing new places, appreciating the arts, spending time with friends, growing my own fruit and veg. and cooking and eating the produce of course. Beard on!”

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