Rod Walker from Hull, East Yorkshire
from Hull,
East Yorkshire

“I'm Rod, born in New Zealand but my mum is English, and I've lived in the UK from age of 7.

“I started growing my beard around 10 years ago because my Wife didn't like it! 😉

“I shaved once since but couldn't cope as I looked weird and my Daughter didn't recognize me! 😂

“Now my Wife loves it. I had been trimming to a shorter length, but for the last year I've been letting it grow and just managing the shape. I allow no-one to cut or trim my beard but myself!

“I find the best beard oil is coconut as it's natural and just works best for me. I go for the Lumberjack look as it's awesome! 👌

“I enjoy walking my dogs and being outdoors, I have two English Bulldogs and they're Awesome. When I'm not at work I'm doing fun activities with my 2 girls and my Amazing Wife.”

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