Richard De La Penha from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Richard De La Penha
from Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

“Hi, I'm Richard from The Netherlands, and I am the Founder of 13premiumbeardcare.

“I am 61 years old, but feel like 27-ish!

“My hobbies are tattoos, listening to music, watching horror movies, growing a beard and Fitness; and I am addicted to sushi and love to cook.

“I work as a Volunteer in a Rehabilitation Centre for disabled people as a fitness instuctor.

“I had a Beard all my life, but mostly a short one, but a couple of years ago I started growing a long beard. Also a while ago, I started my own beard care product company, because I wasn't satisfied by the quality of the products I'd been using up until then.

“I have lived with my girlfriend Marion for over 8 years now.

“I have a son who is 27 and my daughter is 36, and I have 3 grandchildren with another on the way.

“Since I live abroad, I am afraid I won't be able to attend many meetings, but I am very honoured to be a part of this fine Club of Bearded Gentlemen!”

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