Sandy Hamilton from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire
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from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire

“Hi there! I'm Sandy, 24 bearded Scottish man from Kilmarnock.

“I started my beard journey round about 2 years ago, always had wanted to grow a beard but was too scared to grow one for ages.

“Then one day I just bit the bullet and decided to grow my beard, which has been the best thing I've done for the confidence it's brought to me.

“Just the little things - going out for a few pints and some people saying, ‘Ohh that's some beard, that!’, or some saying, ‘Ohh so that's what that scent is - it's ur beard!’".

“Got my first beard competition Braw Beard coming up next month on 18th February at Drygate Brewery Glasgow so looking forward to that.

“Mainly doing it just to meet new bearded mates like myself, get a good drink and a chat and have a laugh.

“My dad's always been supportive with my beard journey; he always liked it, my mum not so much at the start but she's got better the longer I grew it for!

“Sports - I do are my powerlifting which I have done for the past 2½ years.
My hobbies are gaming / going to the football / drinking German beers,
Favourite music is Elton John - Rocket Man,
Favourite video game is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2,
TV shows still Game/Match Of The Day, Police Interceptors.”

Facebook : Sandy Hamilton
Instagram : @Sandyhamilton12345