Gordon Brown from Corby, Northamptonshire
from Corby,

“My name is Gordon and I've had facial hair of some description since my early twenties which is nearly 43 years; I think it's because I never had an Etch a Sketch as a child (think about it).

“A couple of years ago I let it grow longer as a full beard and liked it, and as it get longer I like it even more. I do like to keep it tidy though and my partner says I have more products than she does. LOL

“I work with my fantastic partner Sue helping people achieve their dreams which we both absolutely love doing.

“In my spare time I love bell ringing and drinking real ale - often the two go hand in hand. Oh and I collect and drink Scotch whisky and arrange regular tastings.

“I'm on the edge of the Midlands area near Corby and would love to get a local TBBClub Thatch going as I see lots of beardies around! ”

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