Philip Grice from Preston, Lancashire
from Preston,

“Hi everyone, Phil here.

“I am keen runner; I try to get out and about several times a week and often take my dog George with me; done a couple marathons for Charity but these were pretty tough going.

“I also have a quite a few tattoos, some good, some not so good and most are very random (you know how it is!).

“Only been properly growing my beard for a few months (since November 2019) but already I have 'grown' (sorry, terrible pun) VERY attached to it.

“The grooming routine is pretty relentless though; wash & condition 1-2 times a week, beard balm every morning, apply beard oil in the afternoon/evening and then a smidgen more just before I hit the hay.

“Also, I never leave the house without my trusty comb, it is possibly the most important thing I own now!

“Recently purchased a Royal Python, got him around the same time as I started my beard obsession to be honest. He is around 1 year old and is called Sirius (the wife is a massive Harry Potter fan).

“Quite into my exotic animals to be fair, so much so that I am now a member of the North West Reptile Club.

“One animal I would love to own is a tarantula but the wife has threatened me with a divorce - now I think about it, it might not be a bad idea after all (joking, of course!)”