Terry Oakley from N.E. Lincolnshire
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from N.E. Lincolnshire

“My beard journey began in 2002 when I left the military and vowed never to be clean shaven again. Since then I've sported stubble, goatees and full beards of varying lengths.

“I decided at the beginning of lockdown to go for my Yeard, so I have a target date of 01/03/21... going well so far and really interested in seeing what length I achieve!

“I embarked on a huge career change a few years ago moving from a Police Officer to retrain to become (hopefully) a Clinical Psychologist.

“After a few setbacks I've just finished my first year at Uni and am really enjoying learning new things again.

“I'm a keen (fair-weather) cyclist, dog walker and movie watcher and waste far too much time on Instagram!”

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