Nik from Burgas, Bulgaria
from Burgas, Bulgaria

“Cheers everyone, Nik here.

“I've started my beard journey around 9 years ago, and I'm sure I will never see my chin again.

“I've got several tattoos and definitely need more of those.

“I'm a huge beer enthusiast, single malts fan and wine connoisseur.

“I've got a rather eclectic taste in music, from Metallica to Italian opera with Dropkick Murphys, Mumford & Sons, John Grant and ABBA in between.

“I enjoy cooking, travelling, reading, watching films, walking outdoors, photography and arts, as well as researching and writing stuff on the history of beards and how they've changed and evolved through time.

“I have a developmental prosopagnosia, which in essence means I'm face blind. I struggle to recognise faces, but I can recognise beards!”

Facebook : Beardo Nik
Instagram : @reubaltach