Jay James from Kent / London
from Kent / London

“I've had a beard now for over 5 years and it's become part of who I am and my individual style. I'm heavily into 1950's vintage culture, especially Rock 'N' Roll and Rockabilly. I love the culture, music and fashions along with the fabulous pinup styles.

“Visiting the gym and fitness are important in my day-to-day life along with nutrition. I'm old school tattooed along with mixed Hawaiian/Polynesian. I consider myself an Anarcho-Dandy, dress well, sartorial and am a believer in The Chap manifesto, that chivalry is not dead.

“These days I'm certainly no 9-to-5 and consider myself an uncreative, creative. I am a co-owner of small independent film production company called Subculture Filmworks where we're producing our exciting barber lifestyle, psychological thriller debut feature titled Perfect Twelve.

“I've experienced the odd, small acting role as well as alternative modelling in the Beard, Fitness and Tattoo sectors. This is something I'd like to do more of in the near future.

“Recently I've begun to produce and promote burlesque and cabaret shows.”

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Perfect Twelve