Liam Phelan from Maidenhead, Berkshire
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from Maidenhead, Berkshire

“I'm Liam, 32 years old and originally from the Isle of Wight.

“Now I live in Maidenhead. I work as an Assistant Restaurant Manager in a 3 Michelin star Heston Blumenthal restaurant called The Fat Duck.

“I have always wanted to grow a beard, however in hospitality it is very difficult. A lot of places require staff to be clean shaved.

“Happily, Heston's argument was ‘Why do you have to be clean shaven? What difference does it make? Do you all have to also shave your heads too and look like me?!😄’

“I am grooming mad. Love beard products! My girlfriend also loves my beard, she cannot imagine me without one!

“I'm looking into joining clubs and chapters. Very keen to get involved!”

Instagram : @liam.phelan89