John from Basingstoke, Hampshire
from Basingstoke,

“Having flirted with beard growing since my 20s this is the first time I've gone beyond the 6 or 8 week stage. I'm now about three years in.

“I started off with a more shaped look, but for a year or so I've gone a bit more natural. I suspect I'll trim it to a better shape once it's grown out a bit more.

“Having said that, I suspect that it's stopped growing, as I've not seen much of an increase in length in the past 6 months or so.

“When not working (I work in computer programming languages, specifically APL), I play pool and watch a lot of stand-up comedy.

“I've been travelling a lot the past few years and was greeted with ‘Ah ZZ Top!’ in France last year. Passport photo is pre-beard, which leads to some interesting looks at airports!”

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