Dylon McDermott from Springfield, Oregon, USA
from Springfield, Oregon, USA

“I started out with an unattached goatee at 18 and have always wanted some sort of goatee or beard since then. I started experimenting with different beard styles in my late 20's and ended up with a clean beard in my early 30's. I work in a freezer warehouse and work in -15°F (-26°C) and having a beard made a lot of sense LOL.

 “So at 33 I decided to grow for length and see what the beard gods had given me. Well, 6 years later I have a full natural beard at about 18" (46cm).

“My natural hair color is strawberry blonde and so are my eyebrows and mustache/soul patch. The rest of the beard is more strawberry but still has lots of blonde, especially in the sun. I almost said Moroccan Sunset as my color because of this, you can be the judge LOL. Us Gingers tend to go straight to white as we age, and looks like I have a few making an entrance; instead of going salt/pepper like the rest of the world we go cinnamon/sugar!!!

 “The beard gets a lot of attention, and I get into a lot of conversation with people that otherwise prolly wouldn't because of it. Some wish they could grow one, wile others wish their wives or jobs would let them grow out.

“But it never fails, I always get called ZZTOP, Gandolf, Merlin or Captain Redbeard. Even have people shouting ZZTop lyrics at me as they drive by. I dig it and am always happy to lend some advice and/or give samples of what I use to guys that are wanting to grow, already have a beard or who is just struggling with the razor-devil temping them on one shoulder (usually 'cus it's dry and they need some products.)

 “I live in the NW part of America and I enjoy bike riding, longboarding or being along a river or creek, or just out in the woods. Hiking trails, and waterfall paths are plentiful here. Or floating the great rivers we have.

 “Love all kinds of rock music, reggae, classical, and folk. Cars are another joy of mine. This part of the country has great country/coastal roads for the driver. So it's always fun to take out the turbo GTI or the '69 Datsun Fairlady Roadster, 2L and a 5 speed on about a 2,000 lbs chassis with the smell of petrol in the air and a braid in my beard... that can make me smile on even the worst of days!

“I have my first official beard competition this month, so wish me luck! Cheers everyone and put a beard on it!"”

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