Nigel Browne from Crediton, Devon
from Crediton,

“I first grew my beard over 53 years ago; I had moved into a grotty bed-sit in Nottingham and the bathroom was revolting. Bum-fluff to begin with, but it got better.

“My wife and children (of which I have three) have never seen my chin, which remains shrouded in mystery.

“My main interests are the organ (i.e. pipe/church organ - no jokes unless you are sure that I haven't heard them before), architectural and local history, railway history (I can read an old Bradshaw timetable for hours), and 'classical' music. I am a musicologist by training, and conduct, sing and play when needed.

“I am more-or-less retired, but do organ playing, occasional lecturing, and organ advising (again - no jokes) for the Diocese of Exeter.”

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Nigel Browne