Joey Claydon from Norwich, Norfolk
from Norwich, Norfolk

“I'm an outdoors kinda guy; both my profession and my lifestyle tend to keep me outside in all weathers. I live in a self-built wooden cabin in the woods with my partner and three sons.

“I have been a chef in my younger years and a barista, so have a love for food and coffee. I have a passion for barbecue cuisine and we host a barbecue competition each year called ’Smokey Joe‘.

“Sports/Hobbies : I love to surf, BMX and go rock climbing.

“I'm bit of a grease monkey with sheds full of motorbikes and constant projects on the go.

“Beard : I was always a sideburn/mutton-chops style guy, then moved on to various styles of short beard until I met my current partner who has no objection to a full beard.

“Music : I've always been interested in a wide range of music. I've worked at music festivals from my teenage years up until recently (bloomin rona put a stop to that), so from artists such as - The Stones to Al Green, to Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, The Who. I've always loved dub and reggae but also electronic music like trance.

“Film choice - I watch almost anything once but prefer action and fantasy.

“Gaming - board games and computer games, quick blasts or full on week long gaming sessions. ”

Facebook : Joe Claydon
Instagram : @the_norfolk_arborist