Ryan from Hull, East Yorkshire
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from Hull, East Yorks.

My beard journey started off as an 18 year old, there's been some bumps in the road and some short periods of beardlessness but for the main I've held true to the face fuzz.

I've experimented with goatees, both trimmed and left to grow, an ill-fated attempt at a chin strap but have come to the conclusion that my face prefers the prickles-the-hedgehog look.

Apart from my beard I like to shout at the footballers of Hull City from the stands every other week, drinking beer having only recently acquired the taste buds to appreciate real ales and move away from lager.

I have many thoughts about one day finding an interesting and fulfilling hobby...
...but I became a Dad, so all spare time is taken up being bossed around and playing with Barbies!

So the hunt for a hobby is on ice for now!”

Instagram : @dobsonryan