Baz Appleyard from Bognor Regis, West Sussex
from Bognor Regis,
West Sussex

“Hy, I'm Baz (Barrie)...Looking to socialise and meet like minded people!

“I have what most people tell me is a decent Full Set, natural colour (well... sometimes!)

“I have been growing my beard about 37 months now, having grown it before and FOOLISHLY shaving it all off (must have been mad !)

“I think it stops me looking like a baked potato, as I shave what hair is on my bonce, completely!

“I have an avid interest in 80's music (ex DJ), loving Hi-NRG especially. Am quite arty, loving visits to galleries etc., and love a good Sci Fi from the 50's !!

“Looking forward to good times, as now in my 60's (how dat happen ??)”