JD from Stockport, Cheshire
from Stockport, Cheshire

“I have usually rocked some form of stubble over the years, but my beard journey started fully after doing Movember in 2014 after shaving my 'tache at the end of the event. So it's been 6 years bearded for me, (with the odd break due to other reasons), and I wouldn't have it another way now.

“I currently operate a small cafe bar in Stockport called Blackshaws and have a photography business called Lost Alice Photography. Both businesses are in their infancy, but growing steadily, and I am in the process of getting together a new side to the photography called Lost Alice Labs which is going to assist in the revival of analogue cameras and classic film photography, lomography, film processing and development, as well as digital development and printing.

“I was never a massive sports fan at school, except for Rugby, so my activities nowadays are limited to walking daily, the odd hike and some Muay Thai when I get the chance. I'm a huge music junkie and find most music to have a quality of decency somewhere in its production or melody. Currently revisiting my rock and metal days and at 43 years old, I can only assume it's my midlife crisis beginning. HAHA. Heavily into movies from the 80's and 90's across a platform of genres as well so being a Cinephile sits high on the list of hobbies.

“I have a 15 year old daughter, Izzy, who is my happy thought on a daily basis and who keeps me grounded. She's my bright little, red-haired Celtic Cub!

“After a turbulent 2017, I quit alcohol, discovered Buddhism and have recently started to help in promoting the Pilot Light Campaign by sharing my story on addiction and mental health in the Hospitality Industry.

“Too many quotes to share, but I would have to go with this one from the great Bob Hoskins, ‘It's good to talk’”

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