Fergy Campbell from London E1
London E1

“I am a 64 year old retired man who was born in Northern Ireland and lived the first 28 years of my live there in various locations around the Province. I moved to the East End of London in early 1988 which means that I have been there now for over half my life so I am not quite sure where I belong.

“This is made even worse (or better perhaps) that now, in retirement, I have more or less given myself over to travelling and am writing this bio in a hostel in Rome on what was meant to be a four day trip to see a friend in the Netherlands. That was ten weeks ago! This explains why I do not get to nearly as many Thatch meets as I would like, I am just never in town.

“As for my ‘face furniture’, I have had it in one form or another since the late 70's when I could grow it. I had a moustache for many years when that was the done thing (think Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. in the TV series) and then dabbled briefly with a full trimmed beard. I have had trimmed goatees, long goatees and have finally decided to go full bore with both my hair and beard. Neither are going to see scissors or razor until I shuffle off this mortal coil eventually. My elderly Father hates it (he is clean shaven) and says I look like Worzel Gummidge and the standing joke amongst my drinking mates when I am in London is to call me Gandalf (as in Lord of the Rings). I don't mind any of that.

“At my time of life I have decided that if I want hair down to my waist and a beard down to my belt buckle then I shall do it. I'm a big boy now! I do feel, however, like somewhat of a child when I go to Capital Beards Thatch meets. Whilst everyone is extremely friendly and supportive, I look at some of the whiskers displayed and just feel like a total novice!

“Trust me guys, I am doing my best but Nature will eventually decide.”