Craig White Esq. from Earls Barton, Northamptonshire
from Earls Barton,

“I'm a Royal Navy veteran but at Christmas I am Santa Claus for the local community and charities.

“I have been Santa, volunteering my festive service for free in my local village and surrounding pre-schools and community centres for the past 6 years.

“I think that having a real big, white, beard is essential to make the magic happen and for people to believe. This year the beard is much larger in size!

“Whilst I currently do work full time for a local highways authority (and for the Royal British Legion), in the future and on retirement I would like to consider opportunities in the TV and movie industry as a bearded extra.

“My introduction to the Club was from a British Beard Club card secretly inserted into my waistcoat pocket (presumably from a member) whilst attending the Great British Beer Festival in Olympia this year... with such intrigue, how could I not consider joining?!”