Elliot from Southampton, Hants.
Southampton, Hants.

“I had been contemplating growing some facial fuzz for a couple of years, but every time I started to grow it my girlfriend would bully me into shaving it off!

“This time round I said ‘no’ - and so my journey to the beard began in November 2012 during Movember. I had become so attached to my ‘tash’ that the thought of shaving it off upset me.

“So I set upon the challenge to go for the full ginger delight, thus leading me to where I am now! I try my hardest to leave it alone but succumb to a fortnightly tidy up which I will stop - I promise!

Other than my beard, I also enjoy, real ale, rum, live music, photography and spending time with my Mrs. and my friends.

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The Gingerbeard Man