Carl Sullivan from Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside
from Newton-le-Willows,

“Hi, I'm Carl and I've had a beard in some form for over 25 years now but have been grooming and styling for the past 7 years.

“I have several pets at home; 2 dogs, Bee and Bear, a tortoise called Oogway and 2 axolotls, Merry and Pippin... Oh, and I live with my wife and son (daren't forget to mention them)!

“I'm medically retired from work (CFS/ME) and used to love hill walking and have a Black Sash in Kung Fu.

“Unfortunately circumstances prevent me from taking part in these activities so my more recent hobbies are; Administrator for two Facebook pages: Bearded Banter and Beardsters.

“I've recently started my own YouTube vlog, Carl's Bearded Banter : a bit sparse on the page at the minute but I'm getting there!

“I love Marvel/DC movies and am a big fan of Vikings and GoT.”

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