Lewis Fox from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
from Peterborough,

“Hi I’m Lewis! Most of my friends just call me Fox. I’m a family guy with 2 kids and my fiancé keeps me in line.

“I have been growing my red/ginger beard for around 4 years now. It started as a bet with my Dad and he lost! But I liked it so took it upon myself to never shave again.

“Since then I became a member of Bearded Villains East Anglian charter, and am now a Member of The British Beard Club.

“I’m a regular blood platelet donor and involve myself with any charity event or cause I can.

“Love a good beer with friends and I’m an avid Vinyl record collector. My other interests include classic cars, motorcycles and fishing.

“Looking forward to meeting all the beards!”

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