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THE SECOND MEETING of The British Beard Club took place at The Cardinal pub in Victoria, London on 14th March 2009. Unlike before the first meeting, only a few people contacted me to say they would be able to attend, which should have been an omen.

Peter and his wife Suzanne were, as usual first at The Cardinal and were already sitting in this spacious and uncrowded bar, nursing pints of Sam Smith's when I arrived. Susanne spotted me and I joined them.

After a drink and half an hour's chat, the first new guest arrived - Piers from Fakenham in Norfolk. Introductions followed and there was lively conversation about travel and life histories.

As had been heralded by a text message to me saying he was on the way, our next (and regrettably last!) new guest Glyn arrived. Glyn is originally from Wales and latterly London, and after more introductions and bar visits, there was more lively conversation.

The Famous Five - the photographer is included!
David ------ Glyn ------ Piers ------ Peter

Glyn revealed that he had recently been a film extra in The Hunt For Gollum; a 45 minute independent film inspired by The Lord of the Rings, which is to be released to the Internet for free on May 3 2009. Glyn plays a Hobbit!

You can find out more about this amazing non-profit-making production by clicking on the logo below.

The Hunt For Gollum

There are several trailers available online which give a flavour of the professionalism of the production, which is made "by fans for fans".

Club topics were discussed, and thoughts turned to meeting venues and dates. The Cardinal is much larger and seemed more peaceful than The Cockpit, which was nonetheless liked for the atmosphere, but neither The Cockpit nor The Cardinal serve food in the evenings. Glyn suggested the Cittie of Yorke in High Holborn, which does serve food in the evenings and at weekends. This location maybe a more preferable half-way house for those arriving from all points, which is not the case for either of the other pubs we have tried.

It was suggested that even Saturday night isn't the best for TBBC meetings because of peoples' possible prior arrangements, but then I said why not make The British Beard Club night THE prior arrangement! However Piers suggested trying a Thursday night, which ties in nicely with a request received from an overseas prospective member in Germany, Jörg Diamantopoulos.

Jörg is also a "Friend" of The Handlebar Club, whose meetings are on the "First Friday" of the month. He would like to combine his visits to both the Handlebar Club and The British Beard Club in one trip to the UK. If we were to make The British Beard Club meeting on the first Thursday of a month, this would suit members of both clubs, who could make a long weekend of it.

I've also received another suggestion via e-mail about a regional sub-group of TBBC that could be started up in the Birmingham area. Charley of the Cradley area reports that his local pub, The Hollybush, has a beard-friendly landlord who runs an outgoing field of entertainment, from acoustic evenings to poetry and verse, and has a function room available. I have not received many enquiries yet from that area. Where are all you bearded Brummies?

Frazer (see last month's report) had phoned me that morning to say he was unable to make it again so soon, and suggested that a meeting once a month was too frequent, and suggested every other month or every three months. So here's the question to all those who didn't come to the March meeting, which do you prefer?

  • a monthly meeting?
  • a meeting every other month?
  • a quarterly meeting?

Whatever your consensus choice, there is now a complication for the date of the next future meeting. Thursday April 2nd (before the Handlebar Club's First Friday meeting of April) is probably out because this date clashes with their away-weekend AGM and dinner in Edinburgh that weekend, which I am attending. Thursday 31st May is during the WBMC event trip to Alaska where The British Beard Club will be represented, and Thursday 4th June is the day after I return from the USA/Canada, and it may be difficult for me to co-ordinate a meeting for this date while I am away.

So it looks like the next meeting will be in June, but not on the Thursday synchronised with the Handlebar Club's Friday meeting. How about a Bearded Sunday Lunch in mid-June - A Midsummer Beardness perhaps? The Cittie of Yorke might be an appropriate venue, and some of the people further afield might like to get down to attend and show off their pogonotrophy?

Photos on this page were taken by Susanne, Pete's wife using his camera, and are their copyright. TBBC

Best Bearded Regards
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