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THE THIRD MEETING of The British Beard Club took place at The George Inn pub in Borough High Street, London on 21st June 2009. This was the Club's most well-attended meeting to date, and I must thank everybody who attended for making the afternoon a great success.

When John and I arrived at The George's yard gateway a few minutes before 12pm, there were already half a dozen Club Members there waiting for opening time, and the conversations had already begun.

The gates were opened right on time, and we trooped in to commandeer three of the many picnic tables laid out in the spacious cobbled yard area. I set out The British Beard Club sign cards to show our presence there, and this did attract some attention from other drinkers and diners - which was of course the intention.

Pints were ordered, and the Bar Lunch menu passed round. The Sunday Roast was a popular choice - we chose the pork option with all the trimmings, and others chose the beef, and I also saw plates of George Ale and British Beef Pie, and Ale-Battered Fish and Chips going down nicely. The Sticky Toffee Pudding was irresistable for some...

We'd been advised to come early, but the outside yard didn't really fill up until much later in the afternoon, but as the bar area is quite small, and food was to be ordered at the same time as drinks, it was probably a good thing we did arrive early.

Over the next few hours, more members arrived in ones and twos, and everyone enjoyed lively conversation, which touched such highs as the appreciation of Dutch art-films and the 16th century British Monarchy down to - well you wouldn't really want to hear about the lows...

Just after lunchtime my hopes of a third-time-lucky good attendance were realised when the twenty-first visitor arrived! So it was time for the Group Photo, and Francis rounded everyone up expertly, and Mo took my camera so I could be included in this final shot.

Watch out Norway - here comes The British Beard Club!
Watch out Norway - here comes The British Beard Club!

Not everyone was bearded, but that would have been an unreasonable requirement for some that were present, but all comers were either bearded or arrived with a bearded one. Discussions followed about the next meeting, and there was great support for a gathering of The (Great) British Beard Club at The Great British Beer Festival.

CAMRA's annual early-August event celebrates British and international beer, a wide selection of food, live music and traditional pub games. It's held at Earl's Court from Tuesday August 4th to Saturday August 8th. I now need suggestions for where and when the Club would meet, and bearing in mind that there's an entrance fee for non-CAMRA members of £10 (£6 for CAMRA Members), should it be inside Earl's Court Exhibition Centre or in a nearby hostelry?

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Photos on this page were taken by me, with the exception of the group photo, which was kindly composed by Mo SavilleMo Saville. TBBC

Best Bearded Regards
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